Why a school trip to Guatemala should stay on your radar
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My mind has officially been blown off the hinges!

Phones without wires, remote screen sharing, and video calling were easy enough to comprehend and adopt as the norm. Tablet check-in at the doctor I love, and watches that geo-track your kids I can handle. Last week it was the robot that delivered a towel to my hotel room, but this week DIGITAL DEFORESTATION?

Let me get to the point – The image you see below is an iconic shot of the top of Tikal, the ruin of the ancient Mayan┬áCity in Guatemala. Cool huh? Just wait. Laser-equipped airplanes flying over the ruins have found 600,000 more more homes, temples and fortresses in the area using lasers! Yes, you read that right. Laser beams coming from airplanes penetrated the jungle finding the civilization to be MUCH larger than we knew. Read more, and your mind will be blown, too!

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