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A laugh out loud column by Tour Director, CARRIE!

Who am I?  What do I do?  And why do I have a column on this blog?

Is THAT what you are asking of me?  Deep.  My name is Carrie, and I’m a Tour Director…well, at least that’s what my resume says.  I direct tours.  YOU, the reader, plan the trips with the office, and I do the easy part, direct.  OR…I’m an executor…as in I EXECUTE the tour.  Tour Executioner, however, makes some people nervous, can’t quite figure out why.  Anyway, say you are bringing a group of students somewhere, let’s say they are a middle school class!  And let’s say it’s to New York City.  I would meet you at the airport (if I was so lucky to be directing your group), and lurk with you the whole way.  However, the key to lurking is to make it FUN, and not creepy. HA! Okay, maybe I do a little more than lurk, but my job is to make sure your students have an amazing and seamless time.  I handle all of the logistics on the ground and clear the path so that your focus is on your group, their learning and their experience.  THAT, is what I do.  So, I know cities like the back of my hand, the inner workings of a tour group and how to handle the expected and unexpected adventures on a program.  This long above explanation is the formal answer.  The truth to What do I do?  I love and I laugh, and I’ll also learn ya some stuff too!  (Call the grammar police, there is more where THAT came from!)

Why the blog column?

WHY NOT the blog I say!  Maybe it’s to better inform you the reader of what goes on here at ETA/SH and on our programs, maybe it’s to make you laugh when you need a bright spot, and maybe it’s simply to let you travel ViCARRIEously with me to some far off destination that’s on your bucket list and you can’t get there yet.  And maybe it’s to get you to plan your next trip with us….okay fine, no maybe needed.  Come travel with Educational Travel Adventures and Sustainable Horizon!  DO IT!

To read my column and join my wild adventures, visit “Travel ViCARRIEously” in the main menu of the blog!

Carrie Fitchett
About the Author :

Carrie Fitchett , a tour director that still can’t believe she gets paid to do her job, but please, don’t tell her boss. She’s hit all 50 states, and is working on the continents (2 left to go) Then she'll tackle the countries (she's already at 40+)! Her truest joy is sharing that passion of fun with others, whilst waltzing around different cities across this world we share! She’s funny, she laughs a LOT, and is a smidge too witty for her own good. So, put a smile on, perhaps an odd accent or two, and enjoy! Life is a gift….open it.