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I preach a lot of things on tour….mainly branch out from Starbucks… No technology in a cross walk…and DRINK YOUR WATER!! Water…will save the day on tour. I promise. So in case you think I’m crazy(which I am but that is completely irrelevant to THIS), here are some factoids.

Water…Protects us! It keeps our mouths moist and washes away dirt and grime on your eyes, AND lubricates our joints keeping them from getting stiff…which is UBER necessary when trekking up the hill at Arlington first thing in the morning and then walking around the Smithsonians all afternoon, and the Memorials all evening. Drink your water.

Water carries oxygen to all the cells of your body…without oxygen those cells would die, and your body would stop working. Oh. Well…that sounds dire. DRINK YOUR WATER.

And just for fun…you should know…it makes your skin glow, prevents headaches, flushes out waste and bacteria, helps you be LESS CRANKY!, and these are just a few reasons to drink your water.

DID YOU KNOW….that when the water in your body is reduced by just 1% you become thirsty, at 5% muscles strength and endurance declines significantly and you become hot and tired. When it hits 10%…delirium and blurred vision set in…and 20%…well forget it…You’ll die. Yes, that’s a terrible thought, so? DRINK WATER!

I realize that on tour you don’t want to have to find bathrooms…but your body will need that water…it will NOT need that soda! AND on tour…that soda and tea and coffee are so available…let’s be honest…you can have them at home too…when you aren’t trekking through Central Park in July!

Water Water Everywhere…bring your own bottles to refill so there WILL be a drop to drink!!!

Oh…plus…your own bottles help reduce waste…which is ALWAYS a good thing!!

Thirsty now?

Carrie Fitchett
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