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Before each performance, our group would practice in the lobby…and ALWAYS it blesses the people around, but the morning we were in Oxford, a man came up to me, a stranger, and said, “There really is nothing like children singing you know?”  And he just stood there, loving it.  When he had to go, he looked at me, and said…”They’re our future.”  And it was profound, but more so, it was true.

This group from Berkeley Prep in Florida was traveling around London, Oxford, and Bath, touring and singing!  They sang 4 times, and 3 of which were in local schools.  All of which, were awesome.  The choir itself, very good, but the love poured into it, AMAZING.

We NEVER know what to expect on performance day.  It doesn’t matter how many emails go back and forth, things change last minute, always!  The very first school we went to in London, the students were coming to watch us, but we didn’t know how many.  Well, they just kept on coming, and squeezing in…until the WHOLE school was there!  The choir sang their hearts out, and on occasion, the audience sang right back, and it really was just a beautiful thing!

Our next two schools in Oxford were equally as touching, and equally as huge of a crowd!  One school even insisted we stay for a “proper tea” and had ALL sorts of goodies for us!  Cakes.  Cakes made just for us.  It’s pretty special.

We also sang at a beautiful church in Bath, St. Michaels, of course, the children’s voices were angelic there, it was awesome, but I still will personally pick a school environment!  I realize it has less bragging rights, but it certainly touches more lives, and the kids definitely enjoy it more!

I’m always blessed by what I do, but some days more than others.  The days that I get to watch groups perform are always extra special, but in schools, inevitably, it warms and fills my heart!  These children were not only blessings to their parents that were there watching, but also to the children they were singing to, and those parents and teachers that were also able to be there.  I realize it’s a bit cliché’, but what a way to love on total strangers!  Kids from an American culture singing for kids in a British culture!  It’s the foundation of peacemaking!  Call the UN, we’ve got this!

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