Including Community Service in Travel Gives a Unique Perspective
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Looking for a way to enrich your travel experiences? Why not include volunteer work in your plans? Aside from being extremely rewarding, volunteering is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of your new surroundings.

R. Corey Estes, a teacher at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa Florida, is getting ready for his third class trip with ETA which includes a community service aspect. During Berkeley’s yearly eighth grade trip to New York City, the school makes time for the students to do some volunteer work at the Bowery Mission in Lower Manhattan where they serve food to homeless New Yorkers.

“I always thought that we had great kids, but when I saw them talking with the people at Bowery, I saw their faces just light up,” Estes shared.

Since their first trip with ETA, Berkeley has made it a point to include community service in all school trips. The school’s curriculum places a heavy emphasis on community service. Six times a year, the middle schoolers are taken to various locations in the Tampa Bay area, such as elderly homes and children’s hospitals, to perform community service.

“Berkeley, being a private school, has a lot of privileged students,” explained Estes. “We decided that our trips must include some kind of community service experience. While we’re taking a trip, we’ve got to be doing something for someone.”

Community service of any type gives tourists the opportunity to mingle with locals. Every tourist wants a behind the scenes peek at their destination! Volunteer work is the perfect break from touring, and a great way to give back to the community.

ETA offers a variety of options if you’d like to add community service to your tour. If you’re a performing group, you can perform for other students who may not be fortunate enough to have music programs in their schools. For other groups we can arrange volunteer work serving meals, assembling and sorting clothing, community clean up and more. Contact us today to receive more information about community service trips and community service opportunities in New York City, Washington D.C. and any destination you are considering!

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