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Why yes….yes I AM in Africa with giant google eyes being nuzzled by a camel.   I don’t know which to be most excited about….the CAMEL?  The giant GOOGLE eyes?  Or the fact that I’m on a student tour with ETA/SH?

Let’s address the camel first.  I should have named him, or at least asked, but the thing is?  He probably only speaks Arabic.  Super docile chap, used to toting us tourists around, I think the google eyes were a nice perk to his humdrum day, giving rides to groups on the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco.  The ride was short, but long enough to be awesome, and let’s be honest, long enough to update my facebook status to “HEY….riding a camel in Africa today, what are you up to?”

Which of course, leads me to the GOOGLE eyes, which I saw on a website and had to have.  I can’t believe everybody doesn’t have a pair!  They should.  Also, a spare tin of google eyes should be in everybody’s bag, because if random google eyes don’t make you smile?  I’m afraid nothing will!

This, friends, is a tour.  We were seeing every nook and cranny of Spain, with a day trip to Gibraltar to visit the monkeys-who STOLE our vitamins-and then another side trip to Morocco.  We laughed, we learned, and we LIVED!  I can’t encourage you enough to do all three, they are good for the body, mind, and soul!  Spread your wings and fly!  Even if it’s down the street!  Go somewhere new!  Just secure your vitamins better!  (And an update for those of you concerned?  She couldn’t open the bottle, so she gave up, no monkeys had tummy aches due to an overdose of chewy health!)

Carrie Fitchett
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