Dreams Can Come True – One Trip At A Time
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This January, twenty-seven lucky choir students from Fulmore Middle School in Austin, Texas will have the opportunity of a lifetime. They’ll be traveling to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall with Distinguished Concerts International as part of their New York City Educational Travel Adventures trip. These student will be singing with other choir groups from all around the world, under the direction of professional composers and conductors. When not rehearsing, the student will have the opportunity to soak up the sights and sounds of NYC while seeing museums and Broadway shows, and taking tours of Central Park and Times Square, to name just a few!

Thanks to a wonderful collaboration between Educational Travel Adventures and Believe NYC, a company that provides educational events for performing arts students, these student will also have the very “this only happens in New York” opportunity to meet and work with a Broadway actor. They will begin the experience by seeing a performance of From Main Street to 42nd Street, a musical that chronicles one young woman’s journey from California to New York City in pursuit of her dream. The performance is followed by a musical theater workshop and a Q&A session with Adam Jacobs, who has been on Broadway in The Lion King and Les Miserables. Believe NYC focuses on the hard work and dedication that it takes to pursue a dream, highlighting the tough moments and low points that have happened along the way and the dreams that the performers are still pursuing (dreaming doesn’t stop, even after a Broadway debut). Adam Jacobs and Believe NYC founder, Jacque Carnahan, met each other while on the first national tour of Cinderella and both have experienced many successes and not-so-great moments since then, but have kept pursuing their dreams in spite of it all. Believe NYC offers inspiration and real life stories of never giving up – Adam auditioned for The Lion King for 8 years before finally getting cast!

One person who will especially appreciate these stories of tenacity is the school’s music director, Yvette Carroll. Since starting at Fulmore Middle School in 2006, Ms. Carroll has grown the program from a modest 64 students into an award-winning program with nearly 200 performers. Despite whatever financial or personal problems students may face, Ms. Carroll ensures that each one has the opportunity to experience everything music has to offer. Thanks to her beliefs, tenacity and “big dreams”, Ms. Carroll was able to raise money to pay for this trip, at no cost to her students.

Much like Ms. Carroll, Believe NYC has made it their mission to provide experiences and opportunities for performing arts students to realize their dreams are achievable, providing scholarships to college-bound students who qualify. Believe NYC and Educational Travel Adventures continue to foster these “dream big” trips to New York with groups around the country.

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