CULTURE SHOCK: In Our Own Back Yard
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I’d like to start by saying that “Culture Shock”, isn’t defined by eating guinea pig in Peru, or a Tibetan Tea Ceremony of Po-Cha, it can be as simple as Floridians touring New York in January….in the snow….when it’s 10…..10 degrees!

I’ve grown up in New Jersey….we have seasons.  I’m not saying 10 is normal, or that I like it, but it’s not new for me.   What was new for me, was HOW to deal with the cold.  Things I thought were common….apparently weren’t!
Like wearing a hat…. Everybody knows that right?  My mom used to tell me that you lose 20% of your heat from your head, most of the internet would agree…..(the rest of the internet lies.)  AND?  Who doesn’t look cute in a hat!  If you can’t stomach the hat, put some ear muffs on.  If you can’t do that….well, you deserve to freeze.
I thought it was also common knowledge that the second you enter into a building…take off a layer.  For example…you have on a coat, a sweater, and a layer that wicks (EVERYBODY should own a layer that wicks!).  So you enter a restaurant from outside in 10 degree weather….TAKE OFF YOUR COAT!  If you don’t…you get all cozy inside, and when that lovely dinner is over, and you have to go BACK outside?  WHAT LAYER WILL YOU PUT ON!  So take it off. Just do it.
For more culture shock….sometimes your fingers are too cold for your cell phone. WHO KNEW THAT WAS A THING! lol  Well, I did.  It happens a lot….which is why I wear GLITTENS!  Glove Mittens, brilliant.  fingerless with a flap to cover when you don’t need those digits to dial digits!
To wrap things up here….The Tibetan Tea Ceremony of Po-Cha is a way to keep warm during the severe winter months in the Himalayas….I’m thinking we need some Po-Cha up here in NYC this winter!  Next Culture Shock….Arizona meets the RAIN!  Yeesh.
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