Be Sure to Try “The Beverly” – A Day Trip in Atlanta
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For the past seven years, the students from Torrence Elementary School in Huntersville, North Carolina have traveled to Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola and Georgia Aquarium for an annual class trip. Conveniently located on either side of a lush and beautiful park, this trip features bottomless soda and high-flying dolphins – so maybe it’s time your school joined in the fun!

The World of Coca-Cola is a fun-filled Wonka-esque tour featuring the fascinating history of The Coca-Cola Company through hands-on multimedia attractions. The museum houses over 1,200 artifacts, including vintage bottles, soda fountains and advertising from around the world, with a tour featuring fun facts, hilarious short movies, photo ops with the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear mascot, and last but not least, the tasting room! That’s right, TASTING ROOM! In this magical room, visitors can sample over 60 Coca-Cola products from around the world, including the “eew, gross” inducing Italian soda called “The Beverly”. Other soda flavors include a melon Fanta from Thailand and Ginger Ale from Mozambique. Visitors will also see a fully-functioning bottling line that produces glass bottles of Coke for guests to take home as a complimentary souvenir. With over a million visitors a year, that bottling line definitely stays busy!

Once you’ve had your fill of carbonated sugary goodness, you can take the short walk across the park to the Georgia Aquarium. You will definitely need the energy! This amazing aquarium is the world’s largest, covering half a million square feet (9 acres) and is home to thousands of aquatic animals, both large and small. In total, the tanks in the aquarium hold 8.5 million gallons of fresh and sea water and house whale sharks, beluga whales, manta rays and more fish than you could ever count.  There are also a number of “touch tanks” throughout the building, allowing visitors to actually feel and interact with a number of animals, including sea urchins, starfish, rays, turtles and even small sharks. Aquarium staff members are always nearby to answer questions, encourage exploration and cultivate curiosity for these amazing creatures of the sea.

You definitely won’t want to miss the dolphin gallery and Dolphin Tales show, where you can get a close-up look at dolphins and their trainers and then enjoy a spectacular performance, with sound, lights, high flying dolphins and a beautiful story highlighting the long history between dolphins and man.

The world’s largest aquarium and endless soda? Who wouldn’t have fun on this awesome day trip to Atlanta!

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