A Teacher’s Guide To Exploring The Civil Rights Movement Across States
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Dozens of states hold a piece of the history that write the story of the Civil Rights Movement. While each state depicts their own chapter, there is a new story that reads through the entire movement, state-b- state, and year-by-year. From the 1951 school walk out in Virginia to President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1968, the United States Civil Rights Trail takes us through 14 states and over 100 churches, school, courthouses, and museums. This is an excellent tool for teachers to help plan the cities to visit on a Civil Rights school trip, and what experiences are most relevant to their classroom.

For example, the 1960 student sit-ins spanned several states. A trip could be planned around several sit-in locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Other trips ideas include the journey Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. took to get to Washington D.C., or walk part of the famous 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march.

A Civil Rights trip created by one of your peers: https://www.etadventures.com/itinerary/1811

 Find out more here: https://civilrightstrail.com/

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