Arlington National Cemetary Adds Memorial to Jewish Chaplains
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ARLINGTON, Va. – On October 24, 2011, Arlington National Cemetery added a memorial to 14 Jewish chaplains who died during active military service.

The new memorial plaque addition to the military cemetery, in the shape of the biblical stone tablets of Moses, lists Jewish chaplains who died between the years 1943 and 1974. Among the chaplains commemorated is Alexander D. Goode, one of four chaplains of different denominations who died after a German torpedo struck the Dorchester troop transport ship during World War II. The chaplains gave their own life jackets to others on the ship and perished when it sank. Goode’s grandson, Alex Fried, attended the dedication ceremony.

The new plaque joins three related plaques on Arlington National Cemetery’s “Chaplain Hill.” One memorializes chaplains of all denominations who died in the First World War. The others memorialize Protestant and Catholic chaplains who died in subsequent wars.

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