Things I forget on Tour – Part 1 of 3
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The other day I had a passenger ask me what I most often forget on tour.  I LOVED this question mainly because it wasn’t, “What’s your favorite trip?” But also? It’s made me think.  I couldn’t really answer, because I don’t ALWAYS forget one thing.

No, I take that back…I ALWAYS forget to bring my things that light up so that my peeps can find me in the dark.  I always forget those! AND…if I’m taking the train?  My headphones, always.  Normal things?  Well, I’ve certainly forgotten my toothbrush, but only once or twice, three times max, but then, I learned!  Now I have a travel one AND one that stays at home.

I also forget my vitamins!  SO I just go without, and let my bones crumble when they will…because chances are, even if I remembered to bring them?  I’d forget to TAKE them!

Generally I forget random stuff, and it’s ALWAYS stuff that I don’t keep two of!  For me?  That’s the trick.  TWO!  Now, don’t get carried away, not the big stuff like computers, phones, etc.  BUT…the little things, toothbrush, face lotion, phone charger,etc.  Those things I have two of, and so I don’t have to dig out of my suitcase to use it at home!  (To be honest?  Sometimes I’m so tuckered that I can’t be bothered to find it in my suitcase, plus I’ve left it downstairs anyway?  THAT is when teeth go to bed sweatered!  YUCK!  You DO know what “sweater teeth” are right?)

The flip of this question?  Is what do I NEVER forget?  Well…stay tuned!  That blog is yet to come! Along with a list of things YOU should never forget!!!

Carrie Fitchett
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